Follow the rules or follow her heart? Finding l'amour in France.

Follow the rules or follow her heart? Finding l'amour in France.

My Grape Year

At the age of seventeen in a last-minute twist of fate, Laura Bradbury is sent to Burgundy, France, for a year’s exchange. She arrives knowing only a smattering of French and with no idea what to expect in her first foray out of North America. With a head full of dreams and a powerful desire to please, Laura quickly adapts to Burgundian life, learning crucial skills such as the fine art of winetasting and how to savor snails.

However, the charming young men of the region mean Laura soon runs afoul of the rules, particularly the no-dating edict. Romantic afternoons in Dijon, early morning pain au chocolat runs, and long walks in the vineyards are wondrous but also present Laura with a conundrum: How can she keep her hosts happy while still managing to follow her heart? Follow along on Laura’s journey to l’amour in My Grape Year.

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Captivating Memoir

Our first Bradbury book; and neither of us could put it down. Laura is a gifted story-teller, recounting her year in Burgundy as a high-school exchange student. The adventures she shares of her year are amusing, informative, flow smoothly one to the next and make you feel you are right there with her. Some people she encounters are wondrous, others near villainous, but all are engaging. Her descriptions of French wines and food are written with passion. Her own Burgundian love story is icing on the cake.
— By Debbie and Murray - December 7, 2017
Most romantic memoir ever

I read one other book in the series before getting this first one, so I knew who she’d end up marrying. Still. This was the most romantic memoir I’ve ever read. There was suspense until halfway through the book about who *the guy* would end up being and - surprise, surprise - it was still suspenseful. I felt all her teenage angst of waiting for that perfect someone as I read along, and all the joy when she found him. It makes it more special that they’re still together after all these years.

Romance (and reliving teen years) not your thing? This book had everything else. There was a rip-roaringly funny scene about trying to make a speech in non-existent French using only infinitives (this is not even a spoiler because the humour comes in the way she describes it). And there were plenty of other funny scenes that had me chuckling, and this is coming from someone who lives in France and has heard it all. The descriptions of food are so sensory I felt like I was there enjoying it (or not, in some cases). And I adored her descriptions of studying abroad, much of which I could relate to since I also studied in Avignon only a couple years before her. In short, it was a thoroughly enjoyable book and one I recommend.
— By Jennie Gouteton - July 21, 2017