Running from the law to the vineyards of France...

Running from the law to the vineyards of France...

My Grape Escape

Could an Oxford law student schooled in overachievement trade it all in for the humble work of polishing metal door hinges forged in 1789 at the dawn of the French Revolution? Laura Bradbury found out when, as a twenty-six year old newlywed on the path to a prestigious legal career in London, she leapt off the ladder to success to buy a decrepit ruin in the tiny French village of Magny-les-Villers with her Burgundian husband.

Trading in her academic cap and gown for a ruthlessly traditional French winemaking town brought a myriad of unsettling new experiences. Laura's idealistic visions of bicycling through the French vineyards with fresh baguettes under her arm had not included being confronted with a steaming plate of veal brains for breakfast or taming an ogre of an electrician named Tin Tin who hunted wild boars in his spare time. Still, as Laura learned the art of bartering for antique armoires and rekindled romance with her husband she also gained a newfound perspective on herself, including her recurrent panic attacks and her inability to carry on conversations with the Virgin Mary like her Catholic husband and the rest of his family.

Was Laura's split-second, life altering decision to escape to the vineyards of France profoundly wise or utterly insane? Find out in My Grape Escape – a story for anyone who's imagined taking a U-Turn in life to seize their joy. 

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Motivating & Uplifting Book

My Grape Escape by Laura Bradbury is a wonderfully written memoir. My Grape Escape tells the story of newlywed, Canadian Laura and her French husband Franck. With a leap of faith and a generous gift of $40,000 from Laura’s Grandfather they decide to purchase an older, stone farm house in the area Franck is from in Bergundy, France. To help offset the costs of purchasing and renovating the house Laura has a dream of turning their 100+ year old farm house into a vacation rental when they are not visiting France. With a tenacious spirit and home maintance learning curve Laura, Franck and numerous friends help turn the farm house into a beautiful home within 4 months of the first guests arriving. There were so many good lines in this book. A few of my favorites were:
”Even though life was never perfect, certain moments were.”
”Never confuse what is urgent with what is truly important.”
”I had always assumed that feeling lost meant something was defective with me, because weren’t we supposed to feel happy all the time?”
”I can’t believe how perfect it is,” I whispered back.”I could become someone else here.”
— By NW Readeron - August 5, 2015
Fun and Endearing - Loved it!

I’ll keep this review simple and short - I LOVED THIS BOOK! We all (especially those of us like me living in NYC) suffer from the hustle and bustle of life and the constant “stuff! stuff! stuff!” mentality that seems to drive those around us. Laura’s brave endeavor to make a life in France and embark on an albeit stressful and frustrating but oh so fulfilling endeavor of buying and renovating a quaint stone house with her husband….just makes me sit back and say “yes! that is the life!”. Great book - highly recommended. I’m buying her other books right now - can’t wait to hear the rest of her adventures.
— By Michael Pon - May 19, 2016