Sometimes things need to go  terriblement  wrong to end up right.

Sometimes things need to go terriblement wrong to end up right.

My Grape Wedding

My Grape Wedding takes fans of Laura Bradbury’s Grape Series from London to the enchanting world of Burgundy five years after Franck and Laura met on a student exchange. After a spontaneous proposal in Kathmandu, the bride-to-be struggles with balancing the academic demands of Oxford with lessons on how to be a proper Catholic and fittings with the Queen of England’s corset maker.

Once in Burgundy, Laura’s anxiety grows as wedding plans fall apart. As guests arrive, the rain clouds move in, family wine tastings turn into survival of the fittest, and a bombshell from the priest leaves the couple looking for divine intervention. Laura believes she and Franck belong together, but how will they survive this tumultuous journey to the altar?

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Experience Burgundy up close

My bookshelf and my kindle are filled with countless travel memoirs and stories of people that have moved to or lived in France. I can’t get enough. I love visiting the different areas through my books and the people encountered are always so colorful and interesting. Laura Bradbury’s grape series tops my list of favorites. In her latest edition, you are invited to the wedding. I love the her story leading up to the engagement and all the ups and downs of arranging a wedding while attending law school in Oxford. There is plenty of laugh out loud moments as the two families meet and celebrate. What a perfect setting in a Burgundy village. I can easily picture everything and taste all the delicious food, oh the food, and even hear the accordian player. A sweet beautiful love story that continues. I can’t wait for the next story to come.
— By Dawn Johnsonon - August 29, 2016
Always takes me away.

Laura as always takes me on her adventures and describes it all so well that I truly feel I am there with her. Laughing, crying, eating and drinking. With each book I feel I get to know Laura Franck and France that much better. One of these days I would love to visit but more importantly, spend time with Laura, Franck and their amazing family. Laura’s writing captivates me and entertains to the point that once I start her books, I can’t stop until I am done. I highly recommend this book and the rest in the series. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
— By Linda Waterson - October 9, 2016