Uncorking La Belle Vie in France with my family.

Uncorking La Belle Vie in France with my family.

My Grape Village

Five years after My Grape Escape, Laura and Franck are back in Burgundy to tackle their newest project, a derelict 16th-century winemaker’s cottage behind Franck’s family home.

Navigating the different rules for raising children and managing a family in a small French village prove every bit as challenging for Laura as learning to drive a stick shift through narrow streets or arguing with tyrannical French officials over paint colors (spoiler alert: any color as long as it’s gray). Come along on this evocative and honest journey where love, coupled with good French food and local wine, pave the way to la belle vie.

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Planning a visit to Burgundy to enjoy some of France's best wine & food?
Rent La Maison de la Vieille Vigne, the house that inspired the book.

Grape Village

Noooooo! I can’t have reached the end of this series already! I have loved all the books from the first word to the last, and I am bereft now I have no more to read. In this book Laura and Franck with their two young children return to Burgundy to live, and expand their holiday rental business. As ever, they have a ridiculously short deadline, compounded with the business of buying a house for themselves to live in, teaching Laura to drive a stick shift and introducing their two children to the French school system with its two hour lunch breaks. A most enjoyable read. Lots of food and wine to tempt you - no fast food in Burgundy, everything is delectable and home cooked. I can’t recommend this enough.
— By Fabulouschrissieon - July 12, 2017
Delightful dance through a Grape Village.

Here is a lady who is a “real” person. She writes well which makes learning about her life such a pleasure. Real is the word that keeps coming to mind. She has doubts, fears, problems. Can I do this? What ifs? No I can’t. I don’t know. There are highs/lows and doubts that play out mixed with fine wine, good food, cultural issues, family on two shores and children. Laughter....oh my yes! I read this on kindle, but love it enough that I want to hold it in my hands so I shall be ordered a “real” book. It seems I am reading backward, second book first and am now happily ensconced in her first The Grape Escape which is equally delightful. How happy I am to have found these treasures. Makes me want to cook french, relearn my high school french, move to these villages or maybe just move in next door so Laura Bradbury and her family could be my friends in person, not just in words. Totally absolutely Charmant!
— By Walkingon - February 15, 2015