For medical emergencies, see our Beaune Hospital ER page & our Emergency Numbers page.

For regular regular medical consultation I would recommend our family doctor in Corgoloin:

Dr Rémy Durand
Place de la Mairie
Ph. 03 80 62 90 51

and our family dentist in Beaune:

Dr Chanut
12 Rue du Faubourg St Jean
21200 Beaune
Ph. 03 80 22 31 02

Don't hesitate to call me if you want me to book an appointment for you.

Pharmacy/Chemist On Duty

The contact information and address of the local duty pharmacy open after hours is usually posted on the door of all pharmacies and published in the local daily newspaper. You can also call the police station in Beaune @ ph. 03 80 25 09 25 to get that information.

Here are two that we are usually going to:

When in Beaune:

Pharmacie de Bourgogne
2 Place Monge
21200 Beaune
ph. 03 80 22 12 18

When in one of our village houses:

Pharmacie Caquant Christelle
20 Route Dijon
21550 Ladoix-Serrigny
ph: 03 80 26 40 62