I'm A Writer, and I Have Opinions.


Bonjour! I’m Laura and I have Many Opinions. I’m also a writer, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and PSC & organ donation advocate.

Some folks believe that public people have somehow surrendered their right to express an opinion.

B.S.. In this day and age, everyone should be expressing their opinions LOUDLY and PUBLICLY.

The political events since Trump was elected horrify me to my core. The cruelty, the inhumanity, the worshiping at the altar of money. It is sickening.

I truly believe Trump has all the makings of the next Hitler, and I am terrified that Americans are allowing this to happen. Us Canadians have to watch ourselves too - our treatment of First Nations and Doug Ford anyone?


I mentioned in one of my newsletter how 2018 was a scary year for so many of us as we witnessed the fallout of the Trump administration - the caged, misplaced, and sometimes dead immigrant children, the support of insane gun laws that mean parents have to be frightened sending their children to school, the wholesale lies, corruption, and racism, the discrimination against minorities. it is horrific.

Everyone needs to shout out loud and clear - this is NOT NORMAL. This is a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

The blowback was intense (and I’m sure the blowback to this will be equally as intense).

I was sent irate messages asking me to apologize (nope), telling me to “stay out of politics” (nope, and in my opinion this has gone way beyond mere politics, it’s a question of human rights and freedoms), I was called a “libtard” and “brainwashed” and far, far worse. I was unfollowed many times over. Speaking out perhaps wasn’t the wisest commercial decision, but I don’t care.

I cannot stay silent. I cannot believe in the idea of the “other” (jews in Nazi Germany, Mexicans and other immigrants in Trump’s USA) after going through an experience like transplant. We are all the same, and we are all connected. Most importantly, we all need to care for one another.

As the quote goes “silence helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.”

If I lose followers or readers, FINE. Great, actually, as those are people I don’t want as my followers anyway.

As Winston Churchill said, “You made enemies? Good. It means you stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Now is a time to stand up and be heard.