Chasing the January Blues - My Grape Year FREE from January 5-9th

January can be rough. The excitement and cheese consumption of the holidays are (sadly) over. The Month of Reckoning has begun - our bank balances are depleted, our belts significantly tighter, and we discover yet again that New Years' Resolutions aren't nearly as much fun to keep as to make.  

It's the same in Burgundy. January is a still month In Villers-la-Faye, when the vineyards are covered with frost and everything - including the people - seem to be sleeping, or perhaps digesting all that wine and cheese.

My personal antidote to the January blues is to curl up with a wonderful new book or, better yet, a wonderful new series of books. 

I'd bet good money that many of my readers get through the winter months in a similar fashion, so starting January 5th (midnight) My Grape Year will be FREE until January 9th.

I've never offered any of my books for free before and don't plan to make a habit of it. This is a rare offering.

Just a reminder that if readers love My Grape Year (the first book in my GRAPE series), the recommended reading order for the series is as follows:

1) My Grape Year (free from Jan 5th - 9th)

2) My Grape Wedding

3) My Grape Escape

4) My Grape Village

For all my lovely readers I hope this offer allows you to travel to France for a winter break with Franck, myself, and our Bevy in the vineyards of Burgundy.