The Revelation

Clem: "I need to get a new bike. Mine is such a girly-girl colour." (makes a sound of disgust deep in her throat) "It's PINK." Me: "What is so bad about girly-girls?"

Clem: "They wear dresses and sparkly things and they're sensitive. I'm a tomboy now."

Me: "You used to wear dresses."

Clem: "I know." (shudders)

Me: "What made you decide you didn't want to be a girly-girl?"

Clem: "It was on the first day of kindergarten. I saw all the other girly-girls and then I saw the boys playing on the monkey bars and I said to myself, 'Clem, what are you doing with your life?'" (slaps her forehead) "I mean, come on."