photo.JPGme Bonjour tout le monde!

Me voici, back to the blogosphere five years after moving back to Canada from Burgundy, France and taking what turned out to be a permanent break from my old blog The Grape Journal.

Since then Franck and I have:

  1. Built a house in Victoria
  2. Returned to Burgundy every summer
  3. Continued to manage our four vacation rentals (four and half if you count the 13th century wine cellar under our Beaune apartment that we rent out)
  4. Watched “The Bevy” (our three daughters, Charlotte -14, Camille –12, and Clémentine –6) grow older and more lovely (not to mention more complex…)
  5. Become a super fast runner (10 km in under 40 minutes) and exercise nut (*ahem* don’t go into shock - I’m talking about Franck here)
  6. Coped (ongoing) with a cr@ppy health diagnosis (me – a rare auto-immune disease known as PSC)
  7. Been told by my doctors I will probably need a liver transplant in the next 1-5 years (me again).
  8. Wrote a memoir “My Grape Escape” about La Maison des Deux Clochers, the first property we bought and renovated in France (me)
  9. Self-published said memoir on to great success and began writing the sequel
  10. Found had much to say about above events (me...encore) so returned to blogging on my new author website

Merci for being here! I can’t wait to hang out with you.