Beautiful Vacation Rentals in the Vineyards of France

Grape Rentals is all about experiencing France like a local. We are located in Burgundy, a gastronomic paradise with some of the world’s best food and wine. Burgundy’s rolling vineyards and lovely stone villages are untouched by mass tourism, which allows visitors to truly get a taste of authentic France.

We rent out two ancient and charming village houses in winemaking villages ten minutes from the stunning medieval town of Beaune. We also rent out a luxurious apartment in the heart of Beaune itself, which happens to be the epicenter of the wine culture here in Burgundy. These unique properties not only provide you with excellent value for your travel dollar, but facilitate a seamless integration into French life.

Our vacation rentals are renovated, decorated, and equipped so that they live up to the high standard of exactly what we would dream of finding on vacation. We also provide our guests with tons of bonus tips and tools such as insider information about our favorite restaurants, winemakers, and free assistance with activity planning. Let us help you experience France the way it was meant to be experienced...

If you've read the books, you already know quite a bit about us and our properties.  If you just stumbled here, here is the (very) short version :)

Laura is from the West Coast of Canada, and you can read all about her on the About The Author page. On an exchange to France after high school, she scandalously fell head over heels in love with Franck who was born and raised in Burgundy. After many adventures which you can find in the GRAPE SERIES books, they got married in the Burgundy countryside and started Grape Rentals Vacation Rentals.

Laura is now a full time writer and Franck manages the French Properties.