The dishwasher:

  1. ON/OFF switch
  2. Door Opener
  3. Washing programs
  4. START button - Push Off and rotate to select a washing program, Push On to start wash program - NOTE: it won't start if the ON/OFF switch is OFF.
  5. Digital display
  6. Timer button - use this button to delay the start of the program.
  7. Additional functions:
    • Above: Intensive Zone - mixed load. You can wash very soiled pots and pans in the lower level together with normally soiled dishes in the upper level. The spray pressure in the lower level is intensified, the rinsing temperature is increased slightly.
    • Below: Vario Speed. This function can reduce the running time by approx. 20% to 50% depending on the selected rinse program. The change in the running time is indicated on the digital display. To obtain optimum cleaning results at a reduced running time, water and energy consumption are increased.
  8. Salt needed indicator
  9. Rince Product needed indicator
  10. Check Water Supply

Short notice in French / in English (similar model)

Long notice in French / in English (similar model)

The Washer:

Set up the washer with the following command described below and then press the Marche/Arret button - On/Off button - to get the washer started.  The wash cycle for European machines stops and starts a lot and takes WAY longer, so don’t be alarmed! 

  1. On/Off button (Marche/Arret)
  2. Delayed start light indicators
  3. On/Off light indicator
  4. Essorage knob: “essorage” means “spin cycle” so put it to the highest number if you want the spin cycle to be fast or a lower one for delicate.
  5. Temperature knob: The temperature knob is for selecting the temperature you want to use.  The temperatures in the cycles described below are the maximum temperature you can use for a selected cycle.  Temperature goes from cold (mini) to very hot (95 celsius). 
  6. Program knob:
    • 1 to 10 are complete cycles:
      • otton:
        • Cycle 1: include a prewash / very hot water (95 celsius)
        • Cycle 4: no prewash / very hot water (95 celsius)
        • Cycle 5: hot water (60 celsius) / shorter cycle
      • Synthetic:
        • Cycle 2: include a prewash / hot water (60 celsius)
        • Cycle 6: no prewash / hot water (60 celsius)
        • Cycle 7: hot water (60 celsius) / shorter cycle
      • Delicate:
        • Cycle 3: include a prewash / warm water (40 celsius)
        • Cycle 8: no prewash / warm water (40 celsius)
        • Cycle 9wool no prewash / warm water (40 celsius)
        • Cycle 10silk fabric no prewash / warm water (40 celsius)
    • A to D is if you want specific actions only:
      • A: rinse and spin
      • B: spin
      • C: short spin
      • D: drain
  7. Depart retarde - Delayed start (if activated one of the light under 3h / 6h / 9h will be on – cancel it by pressing the button until the light is on 0 or press the Marche/Arret button to shut off and then restart the washer). 
  8. Charge reduite - Small load.
  9. Rincage intensif - Extra rinse.
  10. Arret cuve pleine - Stop your wash mid cycle, without draining the water.

English notices Short Version / Long Version

The dryer:

Push the Marche/Arret button to get dryer on or off

Select one of the following: 

  • Synthetic program ( pret a repasser/ready to iron; pret a ranger/permanent press; extra sec/ extra dry);
  • Cotton program ( pret a repasser/ready to iron; pret a ranger/permanent press; Tres sec/very dry; extra sec/ extra dry);
  • Other (pret a repasser/ready to iron; couette/duvet; delicats/delicates; laine/wool; Rapide/fast 30mn; minuterie/timer; rafraichir/freshen up).

Push the depart/pause (start/pause) button on the right side of machine.

Empty the lint filter between cycles:


Notes:   no need to empty the water compartment as we have a hose that take the condensation water directly to the drain.

See dryer manual

The oven:

  1. Sensors
  2. Display panel
  3. Function control knob

Programming the oven

There are different ways to programme the oven. Programming the type of heating, temperature or grill power. The oven can be programmed with the cooking time (duration) and the end time for each dish. For more information, see the chapter Setting the time functions in the oven notice.

Note: Preheat the oven before inserting the food in order to avoid condensation on the oven glass.

Type of heating and temperature

Example in the pictures: top and bottom heat at 190 °C

  • Select the type of heating using the function control knob.
  • Set the temperature or required grill power using the + or - sensors.

The oven will begin to heat up.

Switching the oven off
Set the function control knob to the zero setting.

Changing the settings
The type of heating and the temperature or grill power may be changed at any time.


See oven notice for detailed instructions


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