Important Points

  • For everybody’s comfort and safety, La Maison des Deux Clochers a strict NO SMOKING policy.

  • Inside the wooden fence you can see from the door is your own private garden.  This is for your exclusive use. Garden furniture and a barbecue can be found in the cellar just under the passageway – these are also for your use and enjoyment.  Keys for cellar are on the key holder behind the wood front door.  Please store the furniture in there again before your departure.

  • The main circuit board and breaker is in the cellar - there is another smaller one in the kitchen near the ceiling.  Please familiarize yourselves with this right away so that you can find it in the event of a power outage (and in the dark!).  More info on how to reset a circuit breaker in this binder.

  • The toilet is linked up to a septic tank, so please throw down nothing but toilet paper and only use septic tank friendly cleaners.

  • Shutters should be locked in an “open” positions using little metal hooks mounted on the walls outside at the bottom of the shutters that you flip to hold them open.  Otherwise the breeze keeps closing them on you!  If it is very hot and you want to keep the house as cool as possible, keep the shutters closed during the warmest part of the day.

  • Garbage pick-up is every Thursday morning.  Make sure you get the garbage can located in the cellar on the street sidewalk on the left outside the passageway when facing the Church. More info on garbage & recycling in this binder.

  • There is about a one inch raise to the floor of the blue bedroom – be careful not to trip!  Also the kitchen door is very old and low – built for smaller revolutionary era people.  Watch your head!

  • You can store your luggage either in the staircase (open white door across from wooden entrance door) or downstairs in the cellar.

  • If you hear a thunder storm coming, completely unplug the internet box - and your computer if you have one plugged in - from the wall power, and also unplug the TV and DVD plugs and cables.

  • The couch folds out in a very comfortable double sofa bed.  Bed linens are in the small cabinet just across from the couch.

  • The water in Burgundy is very calcium rich – good for the vines but not so great for things like the kettle, coffee maker, and shower nozzle which all experience calcium build up.  Use pure white vinegar to combat this.  Leave the shower nozzle in a little bowl of vinegar for a half hour, or pour vinegar directly into the coffee maker / kettle and run through.  Rinse with clear water two times before using again.  Inexpensive and works like a charm!


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