Important Points

  • For everybody’s comfort and safety, La Maison de la Vielle Vigne has a strict NO SMOKING policy.
  • To lock the front door or the French doors you need to yank the door handle firmly upwards in order to be able to lock it with your key.
  • The circuit board and breaker is in the utility room just off the courtyard – opens with the house key.  Please familiarize yourselves with this right away so that you can find it in the event of a power outage (and in the dark!).  More info on how to reset a circuit breaker in this binder. 
  • We have garden furniture stored in the utility room.  Please store the furniture in there again before your departure. 
  • If you hear a thunder storm coming, completely unplug the internet box - and your computer if you have one plugged in - from the wall power, and also unplug the TV and DVD/VCR plugs and cables.
  • The skylight in the bathroom has both an opaque and a black shade that you can draw down at any time.  They are built right into the wooden frame of the skylight.
  • There is one wall-mounted command per room to regulate the heat in that room - the individual command on the radiators or the towel warmer in the bathroom are disabled.
  • The shower doors are delicate, make sure to use the doors at the handle level to open and close them gently – merci.
  • To lock the shutters in an “open” positions, there are little metal hooks mounted on the walls outside that you flip to secure them.  If it is very hot and you want to keep the house as cool as possible, keep the shutters closed during the warmest part of the day.
  • Please enjoy the books we have left for your enjoyment during your stay with us.  If you have any books that you have read and don’t want to take home with you, we are always delighted to accept “donations” to our library. 
  • Please sign our Guest Book before you leave we always love to hear about your impressions and adventures.  You’ll find it in the green metal holder to the left of the fire place. 

House Problems Contact Info

If you have any problems at all during your stay you can email us at or phone us in Canada (free of charge from the house phone) at:

  • 00-1-250-889-8312 (Franck's cell)
  • 00‐1‐250‐889‐8366 (Laura's cell)
  • 00-1-778-440-4172 (Our home)

In case of an emergency and if you can reach us at any of the above
numbers, please contact (in French):

  • 06 77 22 48 75 (Bernard's cell  - our property manager)
  • 09 67 03 92 72 (Franck's parents)

Emergency services - see the numbers to call for Fire, Police and Ambulance

Internet, Phone & TV

The internet, phone & TV are provided by the the Livebox modem router, the white box located on the desk in the bedroom.

To connect with the Ethernet cable just plug the white Ethernet cable attached to the router into the Ethernet jack of your computer.

To connect the wireless internet, here is the info you need:

  • Network Name (SSID):  VV
  • Password:  0380627389


If the internet connection and/or phone and/or TV are down, you should see a red light under the @ or phone symbol on the front of the modem router.

Restarting the modem router might fix the problem.  You can do so by using the On/Off switch on the left side of the router – see the O/I on the picture below. Turn it off wait a few second and turn it on again.  It will take a minute or two for the modem to be reconnect.

You can also give Franck a call at 00-1-250-889-8312 if you are having any difficulties.

Reset a Circuit Breaker

If you lose electrical power, first check that it is not a problem from the electrical company by checking if there is power in the other houses in the neighborhood.

If only the house has lost power, you can reset it on the circuit breaker panel located in the utility room just of the courtyard, that open with the house key.  Note: we leave a flashlight on top of the electrical panel.

The circuit breakers provide protection for each of the electrical circuits by stopping the flow of current if an overload or fault occurs.

First things to do is to turn off or unplug all of the devices that are plugged into the circuit.  Make certain no dangerous condition exists before restoring power.

Then check the main breaker – black box in picture below.  If there is no issues with the main breaker, it should be on I like it is on the picture on the right.  If it is on 0 it should be reset by pushing it to the I position.

A circuit breaker which has been tripped will usually be in the "OFF" position, like in the picture on the right.  However, sometimes the switch will not look like it has tripped and may appear as though it is in the "ON" position. If none of the breakers appear to be tripped, gently wiggle each one, the tripped breaker will usually feel looser than the other switches.

Locate the tripped circuit breaker and reset it by pushing it all the way to the "OFF" position and then back to the "ON" position. Often when you cannot reset the circuit breaker, it is because it must be turned all the way to the "OFF" position first.

If the circuit breaker trips again before you have turned anything on or plugged anything in, the breaker itself may need to be replaced.

If the circuit breaker trips after plugging in or turning on a device, that device may have a short or may be placing too much of a load on the circuit.

Recycling & Garbage

This is where to take your recycling – cans, plastic, papers:

Garbage is collected on Thursday - if Thursday is a holliday, the collection is done on Wednesday.

On garbage days,  you can leave the garbage container you’ll find  located in the utility room just of the courtyard, at the corner of Rue des Corvées & Rue de Chaux, as marked on the picture below:

Fireplace Instructions

Very important - Please read before use

When in use the glass door of the fireplace is extremely hot - please use extreme caution when children are in the house

La Maison de la Vieille Vigne is equipped with a very efficient fireplace called an "insert' This is VERY different from a regular fireplace, and along with its heat efficiency, comes along a very important list of do's and don'ts. Please read these over carefully, and abide by them to the letter:

  • Never operate with the glass door open. This must always remained CLOSED. When in use, this door is very hot.

  • Never attempt to cook anything inside the  fireplace.

  • Never burn anything besides the dried, bundled wood you can purchase at any of the local grocery stores.

  • Never remove the ashes from the fireplace until you are sure they are completely cold.

Do not go and forage for your own wood! It will not be dry enough and probably won't be the right type, so could start a fire or seriously damage the fireplace and chimney.

Instructions for Use

  • This fireplace is extremely efficient so you do not need to use many logs. Indeed, it can be dangerous to use too many, so start very small and build up until you get the desired heat.
  • Start the fire with the matches and fire starters supplied.
  •  Close the door firmly.
  • There is an old yellow and green paint bucket in the lean-to off the courtyard (for which you have been given the key). You may use this to deposit ashes. However, for the sake of safety, please make sure that the ashes are completely cold before you clean them out.

Cleaning the fireplace glass

Do not try to clean the glass when it is hot, as the contact to cold water could make it explode to pieces.

Every now and then the glass on sealed fireplace units get cloudy from the smoke.  Here is a bit of New England lore that was passed on to us by guests Ron & Patty to clean the fireplace glass - it works great!

To clean the glass, simply soak a piece of newspaper and dip it into the ash in the fireplace and rub the door. Then follow with a few sprays of glass cleaner and voila! the glass is wonderfully clean.  Merci Ron & Patty :)

Operating the washer & dryer

The washer

Set up the washer with the following command described below and then press the Marche/Arret button to get the washer started.  The wash cycle for European machines stops and starts a lot and takes WAY longer, so don’t be alarmed! 

Program knob: 

1 to 10 are complete cycles:


1: include a prewash / very hot water (95 celsius)

4: no prewash / very hot water (95 celsius)

5: hot water (60 celsius) / shorter cycle 


2: include a prewash / hot water (60 celsius)

6: no prewash / hot water (60 celsius)

7: hot water (60 celsius) / shorter cycle 


3: include a prewash / warm water (40 celsius)

8: no prewash / warm water (40 celsius)

9: wool no prewash / warm water (40 celsius)

10: silk fabric no prewash / warm water (40 celsius) 

A to D is if you want specific actions:

A: rinse and spin

B: spin

C: short spin

D: drain

Temperature knob: 

The temperature knob is for selecting the temperature you want to use.  The temperature I gave you in the descriptions above is the maximum temperature you can use for a selected program.  Temperature goes from cold (mini) to very hot (95 celsius). 

Essorage knob: 

“essorage” means “spin cycle” so put it to the highest number if you want the spin cycle to be fast or a lower one for delicate. 

Make sure none of the 4 buttons are pressed.  Here is what they do when pressed: 

Depart retarde

Delayed start (if activated one of the light under 3h / 6h / 9h will be on – cancel it by pressing the button until the light is on 0 or press the marche/arret button to shut off an then restart the washer). 

Charge reduite

Small load. 

Rincage intensif

Extra rinse. 

Arret cuve pleine

Stop your wash mid cycle.

The dryer

Push the Marche/Arret button to get dryer on or off

Select one of the following: 

  • Synthetic program ( pret a repasser/ready to iron; pret a ranger/permanent press; extra sec/ extra dry);
  • Cotton program ( pret a repasser/ready to iron; pret a ranger/permanent press; Tres sec/very dry; extra sec/ extra dry);
  • Other (pret a repasser/ready to iron; couette/duvet; delicats/delicates; laine/wool; Rapide/fast 30mn; minuterie/timer; rafraichir/freshen up).

Push the depart/pause (start/pause) button on the right side of machine.

Empty the lint filter between cycles:

Notes:   no need to empty the water compartment as we have a hose that take the condensation water directly to the drain.

See dryer manual


When you turn the TV on with the TV clicker it takes a few second for the TV to turn ON.  The TV should be on the HDMI 2 source to access content from the TV box (white with an orange logo on top).  You can use the SOURCE button on the back clicker to get to the HDMI 2 source if needed.

The internet, phone & TV are provided by the the Livebox modem router, the white box located on the desk in the bedroom.

For the TV there is a second box located by the TV:

To get the TV from the TV box:

The Livebox modem in the bedroom needs to be connected to the interent,  the @  symbol on the front of the modem route is green when the modem is connected:

The TV box should be switched on;

TV clicker for the TV box:

  1. change image aspect ratio- 16:9, 4:3,...
  2. Sleep On/Off

We get our English channels via the the phone company Orange, here is an introduction to the TV box:

  1. USB plug - plug a USB key and read content.
  2. TV card - gives access to the service, should not be removed or tempered with!
  3. Light indicating if the box is On, Off or sleeping.
  4. Show time and actions - channel number, volume,...
  5. Infrared remote receiver.
  6. Channels selector buttons.
  7. Sleep On/Off button
  1. Hard disk slot - optional.
  2. Button for ejecting hard disk.
  3. Box On/Off switch.
  4. Power plug.
  5. Ethernet plug - for receiving TV signal.
  6. USB plug - plug a USB key and read content.
  7. Audio plug - HI-FI system.
  8. S/PDIF plug - Dolby Digital Home Theater.
  9. HDMI plug - TV
  10. Péritel Out plug.
  11. Péritel In plug.
  12. Antenna/DVD/VHS plug.
  13. Satellite plug.